infinite imperfection - this started as
a method to study a character
i would like to have in another
narrative, but it ended up like
this. it's about a woman's sexual



sketchbook comics - these are diary entries, quick reflections, and sometimes thumbnails for abandoned/postponed projects. these are generally what i draw between classes or while waiting for friends to show up or whatever. some of them i like enough to share. in chronological order (ie use the "previous" button to travel back in time).

mathkid - one page comic. i did a bad job thinking ahead my spring 09 semester and it led to a lot of anxiety. i fantasized about leaving town -- and a lot of that has to do with my dislike of this city -- so i meditated on it by projecting my insecurities on a kid who dropped out of my linear algebra class.

tall flower - one page comic. final step of dealing with the end of a brief, but intensely significant, relationship.