setting out early provided me the cool, windy environment of a post-rainfall morning. humidity still clung to the skin of puddles and had not yet escorted smog upward into the breathing section of our atmosphere. visibility was high, the light was pleasant and warm, and the hums of industry were only hinting at crescendo. stepping foot into the factory, however, proved the incubatory nature of its walls.

i decided to primarily focus on capturing detail and/or color. motors, tools, office supplies, and a variety of left-behinds bear patterns or marks that become evident when their design converges with their state of deterioration. what was once a homogenous coat of paint on an engine is isolated among seas of rust and dirt. similarly, paint peels away from walls and reveals the bright, clashing red of the brick underneath. a slumbering forklift sits in a cavernous warehouse, fluids leaking out and drying up as it anticipates its next use. items discarded carelessly take on forms not possible when they were in use. many of these products were created with the ambition of avoiding chaos - multiple phones providing easily located communication, doors neatly establishing boundaries yet still allowing accessibility - and are now the primary disorder of the building.

in addition to the mess, abandoning the facility has also allowed much of its innate order to be more apparent. giant, emptied rooms reveal infinite stretches of identical columns. circuitboards without panels bear clusters of electronic equipment.

still displaying elements of human design, and being victim to many years of negligence and various unwelcome visitors, the building is arguably more a living thing than ever it has been before.