Taken 3-18-2008

Nighttime expedition.

I'm intimately familiar with the layout of this place, which inspired me to desire to creep inside of it in the dark; pausing breathless with every sound that echos through the water on the floor, a trembling hand switching off the flashlight, something dripping somewhere in some corridor and I can't see it. This is not the time to reflect on every mark of the building's history; attention is demanded by the floor before me, the air around me, the dark everywhere teasing me with all of the possibilities of what it could contain.

I made my way to the roof and spent some time there. The wind brought a chill, but it still had warmth in its soul. The city around me churned out sounds of traffic, industry, tall blades of grass rustling against a chain link fence, the occasional airplane passing overhead every few moments. I set the shutter speed to thirty seconds and stayed on my back, watching the translucent bodies of clouds weaving their way in front of the moon.



Taken 3-1-2008