It was overwhelmingly pleasant today, and so after redesigning the website, I grabbed my camera and headed downtown, determined to discover something. I headed to the riverfront, and followed the snake belly of the I-64 west, capturing some shots of a storage facility and the railroad bridge (which was quite climbable), but I didn't manage to find anything I could get into.



I headed back inland, starving and somewhat disappointed, and it was to the credit of my perseverance that I ignored the lustful moans of my belly, screaming out at the scents of every frying food in the city, and that I allowed myself to be distracted by half a block of abandoned estate. I circled the property for about fifteen minutes, taking pictures of the enticing exterior, with a hunger - greater than that of my monstrous stomach - for entry.

The building that granted me access - with the help of some lemur-like wallclimbing feats - was the Morrisey parking garage. The Louisville Guide describes it as being among the first parking garages built in Louisville, a fireproof one at that, with a facade of Romanesque revival design that places it in "architectural continuity" with many buildings downtown.

An ascent from the basement blessed me with roof access, and with that a glorious view of the rooftops of downtown Louisville, as well as quite easy access to the adjoining rooftop.

The top of the building I had just hopped to once belonged to the Falls City Theatre Equipment Company. The interior of the building suits the style of the area quite fine, as it is a narrow building that stretches back to the center of the block, and as such it provided me with many slow walks through dark corridors until I found myself in an area opportune enough to have the light of dirty windows.