Things that have happened:


it would not be untrue if i were to say that i have abandoned any semblance of an online presence because life has been too interesting; it would, however, still be an excuse.

but fuck it, life has been so goddamn interesting.

i've been familiar with more extremes of emotion in the past year than throughout the entire rest of my life. i have bawled transcendent, sanguine tears and i have wept out of hopelessness; i have felt the love of many people and i have felt utterly isolated; i have seized seemingly impossible goals and i have failed more completely than it seems possible to fail.

i have traveled far, and quickly, and i have languished in lingering immobility. i have not, for these past dozen months, experienced anything resembling boredom.

i've settled, somewhat, in the woods of middle tennessee, between steep hills in a long and winding valley. the growing season here is long and mild, the soil loamy. through the winter, the sun peaks over the mountains for just a handful of hours, long enough for winter greens and root vegetables to gather some sunlight before the night's frost.

it's beautiful and everyone who lives here is at least as queer as i am.

i have a comic experiment i'd like to upload, and some photographs as well. also, i'm going to start gathering some essays soon and compile them into something like a book; some of those will probably show up here. in the meantime, i've got to stay busy contributing to the firewood supply and baking bread and getting paid to write silly articles on the internet.

oh, and i recently put a personal zine together. it is called, "the trees bear no leaves." it's a compilation of some art and writing that i've made while specifically trying to contemplate and resolve some gender identity issues. so its production technically stretches back over four or five years, but i assembled the thing over a couple of months last summer. give me your address; i'll send you a copy for free.

keep warm, kill time, keep in touch

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